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Automobile Accidents

Were you in an accident?   Maybe you were walking? or biking? or also in a car?   We help our clients recover past and future losses for any injuries they’ve sustained.  It might seem like your case is complicated because you have a pre-existing condition, chronic health challenges  or perhaps there could be an alternative cause.  We work hard to find the support when other attorneys might reject you because your case is too complicated or too difficult to prove.

Below are some examples of how we act with courage to help our clients get the judgments that they deserve.  Don’t delay in calling or emailing because there are time limits on filing your suit.

Consultations are always free and I don’t get paid until you get paid.  Call today at 510.451.4441 for your free, no-strings initial consultation.

A wheelchair bound woman was in the crosswalk and was struck by a car. While she wasn’t knocked out of the wheelchair, she complained of general diffuse pain. Her doctors weren’t supportive of the her reports that the accident was the cause but fortunately, her caretakers and her employer were. We filed suit just days before the time limit was about to expire and took her case on when others had rejected her. We were able to prove that the accident had adversely impacted her and the case was resolved for the policy limits of the bad driver.

Sometimes the bulk of the settlement comes from your own insurance and not the other person’s insurance.

For example, a bicyclist client was struck by a car with an under-insured driver.  We helped him find an excellent hand specialist so he could resume his livelihood as a plumber and also were able to recover $15,000 from the motorist’s policy and $235,000 from his own insurance policy.