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Wage & Hour Practice

Do you think you might be eligible for overtime but your employer doesn’t offer it to you?  Is your classification “exempt” but much of your work is similar to those with a non-exempt status?

At Libenson Law, we work with employees and former employees who have concerns that their employer is not complying with the law.   Below are a few examples where we’ve helped our clients receive settlements from employers who have been in violation.

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We represented a class of substitute employees at a bank. The bank had originally classified them as officers but much of their subbing was done for tellers.  The bank did update their classification but refused to pay them for the previous four years of work done under the misclassification.

Sometimes a termination can lead to the discovery of employer violations.

After 25 years of service, our client was terminated as she didn’t want to participate in an investigation without an attorney present.  After further exploration, we found that her position had been misclassified and she and many others were entitle to overtime for the excessive hours they had worked.